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You can rely on Buckskin Towing & Repair, LLC. for all of your automotive needs.  Whether it be a quick oil change, a transmission flush, or any of your scheduled required maintenances in your Owner's Manual, we are here for you.  We can also help with all of your necessary repairs like running gear, transmissions, and engines.  You name it, we're here to help!!  Take a few moments to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a magazine in our waiting area or let us run you into town or to work and drop you off in our courtesy shuttle. For those with another way around, feel free to drop your vehicle after hours and place the keys in our secure drop box!!  Either way we are happy to take care of you.



We are here for your oil changes and service whether it be in a passenger car or your large truck, we can take care of you.  Heck, we’ll even service your Semi or RV while you’re on vacation or help you get your boat ready for the upcoming water season!!  You make your choice between standard and synthetic oils.  Have a favorite brand of oil??  We’re happy to oblige there too!!  If you look in your Owner’s Manual for your vehicle, you’ll notice that there are multiple services required for your vehicle at different mileage intervals. The list can sometimes be long and daunting, but have no fear, we are here for that too!! Whether you need a fuel filter replaced, a bake inspection, a power steering or transmission flush, or your fluids changed we are here!! We can perform any service listed in your owner’s manual!!

Call today for an appointment.



Not only can we service your vehicle but, we can also repair it!!  Need new brakes and rotors?  Did your car just quit?  Is your battery dragging and not working properly?  Does your vehicle go everywhere but straight?  Are you hearing new noises that don’t sound right?  Does the window not roll up or down anymore?  Are there other annoying issues that drive you nuts?  Need a motor or transmission?  Come see us!!  That’s what we are here for!!  Let us help you get your vehicle back in good safe running order.  After all, our ultimate goal is happy safe customers!!



You don’t have to have warning lights on your dash or broken parts and pieces to come see us!!  Tires wear out and windshields break (this is Pagosa Country after all).  We are happy to help you find just the right tire and tread for your vehicle.  Whether you are looking for highway tires, all-season tires, studded snow tires or even supper mudders we can help.  Please don’t forget to let us align your vehicle while you are here to keep your new tires in tip top shape!!  We can also replace any piece of glass in your vehicle.  Windshields crack and break regularly we can help!!  Have just a chip??  We can help with that too!!  We do work with insurance companies for glass claims on a regular basis and would be happy to help you with yours. 

Let us know what we can do for you!!

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